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UNIF(International Union of Futnet) is the world-governing body of futnet, founded in 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland, by 15 countries from four continents. Its headquarters are located in Prague, Czech Republic. 

UNIF has 18 Full Members and 2 Associate Members representing the five continents. 


Mission Statement

As the futnet world-governing body, UNIF aims to

  1. promote futnet worldwide and encourage the practice of men’s and women’s futnet in all its forms and all age groups;
  2. ensure that futnet is practised following the principle of non-discrimination based on sex, race, religion, politics, sexual orientation and any other reason and with a view to mutual respect and fair play;
  3. prepare and organise international futnet competitions;
  4. provide advice and assistance to its members through training and educational programmes for players, coaches and referees.


UNIF Executive Board


Current Executive Board (2015-2019) is composed of the following members:

Mr Kamil Kleník (Czech Republic) - UNIF President 
Mr Vincent Kolly (Switzerland) - UNIF Vice-President
Mr Pavel Masek (Denmark) - UNIF Treasurer

Mr Sorin Bogdan (Romania) - Member 


UNIF Secretariat is headed by General Secretary Ms Zuzana Viňanská (Slovakia).