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Women's national team


Women's national team 2022

The women's national team is composed of (from left to right) :

  • Virginie Khuu (FT GUS)
  • Corinne Suard (FT GUS)
  • Isaline Gobet (FT GUS)
  • Valérie Bielmann (FT Gy)
  • Marie-Luce Maugeon (FT Gy)
  • Laetitia Cuennet (FT Gy) 
  • Larissa Hauser (FTC Piamont)
  • Melissa Courlet (FTC Piamont)

The Swiss women's team is coached by Gilles Grandjean & Stéphane Mudhoosoodun and assist by the athletic trainer Claudia Waetford.

sélection féminine 2022